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Coating technology helps our customers to achieve genuine product and process advantages.

Our aim is simple: to provide individual solutions that optimise both our customers’ products and processes.

Over the last ten years we have developed a number of high- performance surface coatings that have given our customers genuine product and process advantages.

Advanced technology is employed to deliver high performance, and helps increase productivity in the assembly and application of o-rings, reducing the required level of customer applied lubrication. Essentially any surface treatment is designed to reduce friction and enhance performance.

These surface treatments are suitable for adhesion to elastomer compounds such as EPDM Ethylene Propylene, NBR Nitrile and FKM Fluorocarbon.

Common benefits of Superior Seals applied coatings:

• Reduce surface friction • Solvent free
• Reduce insertion force • No effect on substrate ageing
• Provide wear resistance • No effect on chemical resistance
• Prevent surface adhesion • Drinking water approvals available
• Silicone free
• Stable in storage

Our high performance compounds combined with a surface coating not only guarantee a safe and robust assembly; but also an increase in productivity output; that could be an increased flow in feeding systems, preventing blocking or reduction in assembly forces.

Coating Description Type Colour Approvals / Compliance Status ***
SC1 Reduction in assembly forces and excellent automatic feeding properties, a low coefficient of friction Dry PTFE Translucent WRAS
SC2 Enhanced reduction in assembly forces and excellent automatic feeding properties, due to the low coefficient of friction. Designed to reduce insertion force during assembly Dry PTFE Opaque WRAS
SC3 Reduced assembly forces and excellent automatic feeding properties, with a low coefficient of friction. Designed for dynamic applications to reduce wear Dry PTFE Bonded Blue WRAS
SC4 Reduction in assembly forces and excellent automatic feeding properties with added benefit of drinking water approvals Dry PTFE Translucent WRAS, UBA, FDA, NSF61* and KIWA*
S350 Outstanding performance in assembly force reduction Wet Silicone Translucent WRAS, ACS, UBA, NSF61 and KIWA*, KTW-BWGL**, TGM (Austrian Research Institute)
TP1 Reduction in assembly forces and excellent automatic feeding properties Powder White


** Categorised as a sliding/fitting lubricant
*** Current approval status should always be confirmed with Superior

See our coatings brochure available on the Resources Page.


Customised coating solutions – your advantage

Our environmentally friendly PTFE coatings offer clear advantages over traditional lubrication methods such as oils, greases and powders, which can contaminate products or equipment; in addition you can avoid assembly damage and gain improved abrasion resistance.

With an increased level of camera technology to check components in assembly, it means you must be able to differentiate between various components. Our coloured coating provides an easy solution for systems or operators to check if a component is present giving our customers full security. We also have the potential to develop other colours for applications with specific requirements.

There are many variables within the coating process that must be understood and controlled to achieve a consistent and repeatable coating every time.


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With our in-house coating department using the latest technology, dedicated laboratory facilities and through our close supplier relationships we have become experts in the application of coating products committed to maintaining the highest standards.

We aim to understand your specific needs and will work relentlessly until we can deliver a tailored solution.

Our passion and continuous investment means we remain a leader in coating technology and ensure our customers stay ahead of their competitors.

To discuss your specific needs, contact the Superior sales team on +44 (0) 1202 854300 or email sales@superiorltd.com

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