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Superior is supporting the large-scale process of rapidly manufacturing billions of vaccine doses, by supplying o-rings and sealing solutions for use in the production of the crucial treatment.

Managing director at Superior, Tim Brown, said, “The roll out of the vaccine is a vital step in the fight against coronavirus, and we’re proud that our work is aiding the critical production, processing, filtration and separation equipment used in the manufacturing of the vaccine.”

The manufacturing of the vaccine includes a complex filtering process that screens out impurities until a sterile vaccine is ready to be distributed into vials.

This is not the first time Superior has provided support to the fight against Covid-19. Supplying o-rings and sealing solutions that are essential components in an extensive range of critical healthcare applications, ramping up its production earlier in the pandemic. Equipment using Superior’s products include disinfectant sprayers for sanitisation, pressure regulators and valves for use in critical care and sterile clean connectors for medical application as well as water treatment and food processing and filtration equipment.

Superior was also involved in the manufacturer of hundreds of ventilators for use in the NHS Nightingale Hospitals. The Superior o-rings used in each ventilator protect and optimise the functionality and performance of the equipment.

Tim said, “Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, Superior has drawn on the depth and breadth of its material science expertise and engineers to devise trusted o-ring and sealing solutions that support in the development of essential medical supplies.  These supplies help to protect and support healthcare workers in their jobs, assist patients with recovery and eliminate the spread of the disease.”

“It’s through our design and manufacturing of high-precision, tight tolerance component parts that we will continue to apply our expertise in ways to help those on the frontline in the battle against coronavirus.”

Superior has been manufacturing 24 hours a day to support its customer base during the pandemic.