Hydrogenated Nitrile

Typical applications

Compound Colour Hardness IRHD Min Temp Max Temp Peak Temp Specific applications Download
THX 6/01/2 Black 60+/-5 -50°C +150°C +170°C Designed for applications requiring low temperature down to -40°C. Download
TH 5/01/4 Black 65+/-5 -35°C +125°C +150°C Designed to offer very good flexibility fatigue performance for membrane applications. Approved WRAS hot and cold drinking water. Download
TH 1/9/7 Green 70+/-5 -30°C +150°C +170°C Coloured. Meets the requirements of UL157/778. Download
TH 4/7/8 Black 70+/-5 -30°C +150°C +170°C Improved aromatic oil and fuel resistance with low temperature flexibility. Material of choice for urea resistance. Download
TH 5/03/1 Yellow 70+/-5 -20°C +125°C +150°C Gas application, EN549 C2/H3 and DIN EN682 type GAL and GBL. Tested to DVGW VP614. Download
TH 8/5/6 Brown 70+/-5 -30°C +150°C +170°C Designed for biodiesel and fuels. Download
TH 10/1/1 Black 75+/-5 -30°C +150°C +170°C Improved aromatic oil and fuel resistance. Download
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