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Partnership and teamwork

Since we were founded, Superior has maintained a strong team spirit, underwritten by a desire to contribute. By working closely with all our customers, we establish strong bonds to include and involve you during every project.

We work closely with our customers to develop an intimate understanding of their needs and desires. New products and specific processes have emerged as a direct result of this openness.

We can add value to your project as soon as you talk to us. By getting involved in your project from the outset and by taking a partnership approach, we can help introduce new solutions and improve systems so you can develop a more competitive product.

In this atmosphere of partnership we are able to continually measure and improve our performance, shaping the quality of our products, sharpening our technical expertise and response time. We simply never stop looking for the next level up in service excellence.

Committed to excellence

Superior is a community where we invest in people who really care about the quality of their contribution to the company effort they are trained and motivated to take ownership of tasks, processes and responsibilities. The sharing of goals, accountability and rewards has helped us to define our sense of purpose. This shows in our attention to detail, from the bigger picture down to the most trivial of tasks. Our passion is integral.

Investment and re-investment

The best people need the best environment in which to thrive. Our state-of-the-art facility at Ferndown, England represents a firm commitment to the future for Superior. It is a fully integrated hub, bringing together all the functions necessary for total support in the production of high integrity precision moulded seals.

To our customer, it is like having a specialist extension to your own manufacturing capability right at your fingertips. Our continued re-investment gives us an added-value package of benefits that we can pass on to our customers.

The Superior advantage: knowledge, skill, passion, innovation and experience of achievement. What happens when you design, specify, buy, receive, install or use our products? It becomes your advantage.

Reliable and trustworthy

Your reputation rests on your products. To safeguard your reputation, we work to the highest and most precise standards. At Superior we harness technology, people and industry-leading thinking to create market-leading products. Which means you can sell your products globally with confidence.

We manage the entire material cycle in-house, from product formulation, manufacturing and finishing to testing against your criteria.

People and talent

Enthusiasm is infectious. At the Superior facility everyone shares the same goals and a commitment to making their own distinct contribution to the company effort.

Having values in common creates a vibrant culture, a can-do mentality and a belief in the importance of putting the customer first at all times in every situation. The Superior workforce has an extraordinary team spirit, taking pleasure in delighting customers and in providing a service which exceeds expectations.

Employees are trained, motivated and supported to take ownership of tasks, processes and specific responsibilities. Their attention to detail amounts to a passion from the biggest project down to the most trivial of tasks.

Since we were founded, Superior has maintained a strong team spirit, underwritten by a desire to contribute. We also encourage and reward talent, so you know the most highly skilled professionals are supporting you every step of the way.

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If you would like to learn more about how Superior can contribute to your business’ success, we would be pleased to welcome you to meet our people, see our facilities and discuss your needs.
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