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At Superior we run our business in a responsible and sustainable way. Saving on consumption is a good example of how sustainability contributes to creating a shared value.

Respecting the environment means using less energy, water and materials, saving on costs and creating a competitive advantage. It’s an advantage for both our business and the environment. That’s why we are always looking for ways to cut back our impact on the environment and to work more efficiently. By taking steps today, we can reduce our footprint for tomorrow.

Doing more with less

We minimise waste by continually improving our working processes. By continuously improving our tooling, we are creating less material waste and when waste is inevitable we look to recycle wherever and whenever we can.

  • Our packaging is reusable or recyclable and we don’t use unnecessary wrapping
  • We use plastic delivery crates which are returnable and reusable
  • We carefully select raw materials to minimise environmental impact
  • We’ve introduced segregated waste skips to recycle plastic, metal, paper and card across our sites

Conserving energy and water

We use high efficiency equipment to cut back on energy consumption, along with the latest finishing equipment to eliminate wastewater. Continuous machining refurbishment is aimed at improving insulation and to retain heat as well as reduce the use of power. Our new generation low energy presses run water-free and can save up to 50 tonnes of CO2 every single year.

322,000 fewer kWh, saving 169 tonnes of CO2.

Sustainability is in our nature

Even our buildings are sustainable, making sure how we work helps in combating climate change. Our state-of-the-art Academy in Dorset harnesses the very latest technology in reducing CO2 emissions. The building is designed to meet BREEAM sustainable building certification, which sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation.

  • The Academy uses renewable energy through geothermal energy and solar panels
  • Structural insulation and specialised glazing lets light in while keeping heat out, eliminating the use of air conditioning
  • LED lighting throughout brings down energy consumption
  • During the Academy build program we recycled 99.94% of our waste

The building showcases our commitment to a sustainable future and a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Engaging with the community

Success is to be shared. We are building strong relationships and partnerships within the local communities where we work. We firmly believe in encouraging excellence and work closely with local schools and colleges to develop skills through apprenticeships. In fact our new apprenticeship scheme and in-house academy recruit five apprentices a year. Our apprenticeship scheme has been
formally recognised and approved by the Institution of Mechanical Engineering in London (IMechE).
We also support local schools in the A-level Engineering and Applied Science course by hosting part of the course every week.

Superior has set up a STEM Bursary alongside Dorset Community Foundation to support disadvantaged young people aged 14-21 on STEM courses. To learn more about the Superior STEM bursary, click on the link below:


A thriving environment and an attractive place to work

We are always looking for ways to cut back on our impact on the environment and to work more efficiently.

Our success relies on our people. To make sure we attract and retain the very best employees, we do all we can to make our working environment a healthy, safe and pleasant place to be. Our ‘5S’ philosophy helps to generate efficiency through standardisation in day-to-day work across our sites.
Each of our sites has a nominated 5S champion, who makes sure everyone gets involved and helps to meet targets.

  • Management and staff communicate through Key Performance Indicator boards throughout our factories
  • We have a dedicated Environment, Health and Safety Manager to help us work towards achieving OHSAS 18001 standards
  • Our new environmental health and safety booklet for staff keeps colleagues informed and safe

By showing consideration for employees and the working environment, we are creating a productivity-enhancing climate and happy employees.

Acting responsibly for our future

There can be no compromise in the products we supply to our clients and likewise there are no cutting
corners when it comes to our environmental credentials. We aim to lead the way in creating
sustainable, efficient and beneficial ways to work. We have committed ourselves to:

  • Looking at ways to continuously reduce waste throughout all manufacturing processes and office procedures
  • Minimising energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency of our production
  • Improving self-sufficiency of our manufacturing plants, by minimising, commuting and optimising the flow of goods which in term reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reducing energy consumption in our buildings

134 tonnes of rubber recycled into playground matting.

Superior Code of Conduct

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