Manufacturing Excellence

For us to achieve our goal of world class manufacturing, it means high quality products, lean processes and an improvement driven culture, where every single person plays their part and can make a difference. We like to exceed expectations.

To this end, we have committed to a culture of continuous, aggressive improvement in the design, manufacture and supply of precision o-rings and special mouldings. There has not been a more important time for people to take ownership in their areas and strive for them to be recognised as the best.

Innovation and investment are the keys to this. Re-investment in state-of-the-art facilities and valued, accountable people increases our ability to convert ideas into production reality. Natural curiosity and the desire to find better processes and methodologies feed the Superior promise to innovate.

Our Key Performance Indicators are openly displayed and play a huge role in improving our processes throughout the company. Superior is working continuously to remain a place where problem solving and process development become the key focus of everyone involved as well as where best practice and success can be shared.

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